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The Come Together Community (CTC) charity organization is based on the concept giving, founded by a group of like-minded expats wanting to motivate and inspire people to give back to the community they call home. Each year, CTC hosts the event Come Together, South China’s premier charity music festival, bringing people together from all cultures and different walks in life to celebrate music while also raising funds for charity. CTC prides itself on being 100% transparent with the financials concerning the money accumulated and subsequently where it has been donated. Although CTC currently works with a small group of charities, they are always eager to accept new projects.


CTC uses the collective resources of its member companies to organise and coordinate the Come Together music festival. The annual Come Together festival aims to bring both the local and foreign community together to have fun, enjoy music and of course raise money for their beneficiaries. CTC places high importance on being fully legal with all records made available for public scrutiny. Throughout the year the board members and the project coordinator of CTC work tirelessly to follow up on the charity projects sponsored to check progress and ensure funds are being used appropriately.

CTC 主要通过其会员公司的集体资源来组织和协调“一起来”音乐节。每年一次的“一起来”音乐节主要目的是聚集当地人和外国人一起享受音乐并为慈善受益人筹集善款。CTC非常重视其完全合法性,向公众提供所有记录以供审计。在一整年的时间里,董事会成员及CTC项目协调员不辞辛劳地跟进所赞助慈善项目的进程,并确保捐赠资金被用在合适的地方。

CTC focuses its efforts on working with local charities that advocate, support and assist children and families from underprivileged circumstances and/or children with special needs. Those in CTC have lived in Zhuhai for a long time, consider it home, and would like to give back to the community that has given them a wonderful experience in life. CTC has regular organizations that they give to each year, but are always willing to expand their horizons towards other charitable causes within the community.

CTC专注于帮助当地慈善机构,这些机构主要支持、帮助和扶持贫困儿童和贫困家庭、及有特殊需要的儿童。CTC团队成员在珠海生活了很长 时间,将珠海当成家,他们在这儿享受到了美好的生活,所有希望借此回报社会。CTC有长期资助合作的慈善机构,但是CTC同时也一直希望能扩大其慈善范围,资助更多慈善活动。

CTC的使命 Mission Statement

“A community of people collectively making a difference for Zhuhai’s children”

The founders, board members and wider members of the Come Together community have lived in Zhuhai for many years and consider it home. CTC charity organization allows them the opportunity to give back to the community, and what better way to do this than to support those who are most vulnerable in society. The main objective of CTC is to offer financial assistance to local charity organisations that support underprivileged children or children with special needs in Zhuhai, providing materials and funding programs that encourage their holistic development. As well as this, one fundamental aspect to the charity is the fact that it remains 100% transparent. This means that all money raised by CTC goes directly to the beneficiaries. By doing this, CTC hopes that it builds trust and respect by those who give their time and money in aid of helping those who need it in the local Zhuhai community.

CTC的创始人、董事会成员、及相关人员在珠海生活了多年并以珠海为家。CTC慈善机构给他们提供了回馈社会的机会,还有什么比帮助社会中最为脆弱的一群人更好的方法呢! CTC的主要目标是为当地慈善机构提供财务资助,这些慈善机构主要是帮助珠海的贫困儿童、及有特殊需要的孩子,为他们提供物质支持并赞助能促进他们全面发展的项目。除了这些,CTC最基本的要求是100%透明。CTC这样做是希望在那些为珠海有需要人群付出时间和金钱的无私奉献者间建立信任和尊重

CTC希望达成的目的 What CTC wants to accomplish

CTC is constantly motivated to grow and promote their cause, always striving to accomplish more than the previous year. By continuously working towards what they want to achieve in supporting the community through such events as the Come Together Music Festival, CTC aims to increase the impact and reach of their name while remaining humble and solid in our local foundations by focusing on children most in need here in Zhuhai.

CTC持续追求其慈善事业的成长和发展,一直以来都在努力超越上一年度的成绩。 他们希望通过自己持续不断的努力,例如举办“一起来”慈善音乐节,来支持本地社区,以此增强其影响力并扩大其影响范围。同时,由于关注的是珠海最需要帮助的儿童群体,CTC在当地慈善基金会中显得低调、可靠。

CTC未来的目标 The future aims of CTC

All those involved with CTC see the future of the organisation as bold and bright. With the push towards increasing knowledge and awareness of the objectives of CTC, the charity will be able to support more programs that help the children of Zhuhai. All members of CTC share the same passion for helping the children in the community, hoping to give back for many more years.


We at CTC want to create an organisation that people associate with, when they think about charity and community. We know that with the help of the people in Zhuhai and beyond, we can keep this mission of community and charity alive. Each year we aim to operate the charity festival and our goal is to raise and exceed the previous year’s donations. These donations will continue to fund more projects, as well as supporting or initiating smaller events throughout the year.


CTC Members成员

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Zhuhai Western and Chinese Love & Music Exchange Centre

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