The 6th Come Together Charity Music Festival, 2017 Band Search 第6届 一起来慈善音乐节,2017乐队招募

The CTC is looking for bands! CTC招募乐队啦! The aim of Come Together Charity Music Festival is to bring together people from all cultures and backgrounds to raise money for great charities helping children, this is done through the power of music....
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CTC与自闭症研究中心7月24日拜访大华学校 CTC & ZAS visit at DaHua School 24th July

On Monday 24th of July, CTC representative Monika visited DaHua Robot School to meet the children from the Zhuhai Autism Society. Come Together Community has donated 24,500 RMB this year to support the Zhuhai Autism Society so their members can take part...
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CTC 赞助项目顺利通过!Funding for further projects approved!

In 2016, with an attendance of over 1,400 people we raised an amazing RMB 335,000 for the local charities. The success of 2016 CTC event enabled us to fund some wonderful projects! 2016年CTC慈善音乐节,一共有1400人参加,我们为当地慈善机构共筹得善款335000元。这次成功让我们得以资助了一些很好的慈善项目。...
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