Mark Clayton

2018 Year in Review

  What started as a handful of expats looking to make a small difference in the city they call home, has now become a growing name in the local community. At Come Together Community (CTC), the main objective is to offer assistance to local charities...
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CTC visit to Pingsha with CPAZ. CTC与爱心会的平沙之行

On Thursday 1st December,3 CTC members joined CPAZ on a visit to Pingsha Experimental Primary School to meet the students and donate money to the families that we will help this year with the funds raised at Come Together 2016. 12月1日星期四,3个CTC成员和爱心会一起到访平沙实验小学,会见了需要捐赠的学生并为他们家庭带来了2016年一起来慈善音乐节筹集的善款。...
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