Sanny Rahman

Visit to Pingsha with CPAZ 与爱心会的平沙之行

    On 8th August Sanny from CTC joined with representatives of CPAZ and InternChina on a trip to meet some students from Pingsha Experimental Primary School in Doumen that were donated money to by funds raised through Come Together 2015. 8月8号早上来自CTC的Sanny、爱心会和InternChina的代表一起去拜访了斗门平沙实验小学在2015年“一起来”捐赠过的一些学生。...
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Come Together 2015 Recap & Where the Money Went 2015一起来慈善音乐节扼要重述&捐款去向

The first half of 2016 has flown by fast and as we start to build up to Come Together 2016 we thought we’d give you all a quick recap of 2015’s event. Thank you again to everybody who helped out in anyway and donated their time or hard earned money...
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