CTC visit to Pingsha with CPAZ. CTC与爱心会的平沙之行

On Thursday 1st December,3 CTC members joined CPAZ on a visit to Pingsha Experimental Primary School to meet the students and donate money to the families that we will help this year with the funds raised at Come Together 2016.

This is the CTC’s 5th year working with CPAZ to help support children from low-income families.

We were welcomed into the homes of 9 families. Each CTC member visited 3 families to help deliver the donation to the children’s families.

Visiting the families every year is always a rewarding moment for members of Come Together. It is a chance for us to hear their stories, some of which can be very emotional, but we can see first hand how CTC funding helps these families.

Often the children we help come from single parent families or their parents may have passed away and they are looked after by another guardian.

Each child we sponsor receives 550 RMB which will pay for their lunches and buses to and from school.

Last year Come Together sponsored a total of 138 students and this year we are pleased to announce that we have been able to help 180 students donating a grand total of 99,000.00 RMB.

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