Transparency 透明


What sets us apart from most other charities is our level of transparency, each year we post full income and expense reports for the Come Together Charity Music Festival, showing how much we have earned and what our expenses were.


 Some additional things we do to keep the transparency are:

• We publically post where all funds are donated and used and each of the CTC members will strictly watch this.

• Anybody in the community is able to join us on visits to the charities and see where the funds are being put to good use.

• All cash donations at the events are kept locked in special boxes and the keys are never held by the same person as the boxes, when we come together to count the cash we invite a bank manager for independent oversight.

• External auditors perform in-depth audits of our NGO accounts each year.


• 我们会公布所有的捐款和他们的使用情况,所有的CTC成员都会严格监视这部分。

• 任何人都可以随同我们一起去到访我们捐赠的慈善组织并且可以看到善款被很好的使用。

• 每次活动现场的现金捐款都会被放在一个特殊的盒子里面,钥匙和盒子分别由不同的人保管。当我们共同清点现金数额的时候,我们会邀请一位银行经理作独立监管。

• 每年我们会出具正式的非盈利组织审计报告。


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In addition, none of the organisers take any administration fees or wages, all time is given for free by the CTC Members.


If anybody would like further information please don’t hesitate to contact us by email to


Find below the event results in numbers from Come Together 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2018.