Visit to Pingsha with CPAZ 与爱心会的平沙之行



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On 8th August Sanny from CTC joined with representatives of CPAZ and InternChina on a trip to meet some students from Pingsha Experimental Primary School in Doumen that were donated money to by funds raised through Come Together 2015.



At the first family we visited, the Wu family, we met the second grader Wu, his father passed away when he was just two year old and he now lives with his grandparents. His grandfather experiences severe rheumatoid arthritis, and as a family of three, they survive on just a single pension.





Next, we visited the Li family. The Li sisters are the 11 year-old sixth grader andher older sister of 13 years. Their lively hood is supported by their mother who earns an unstable and lowly income of 1000 RMB per month in a factory.




This family, the Deng family, was the third family we visited. This ten year old girl’s parents divorced when she was very young and her father, due to chronic health problems, can only take on casual part time work.




During Deng’s earliest years her grandfather worked to support them, unfortunately, he recently passed away. Following her grandfather’s death the family must rely on the labours of Deng’s elderly grandmother, who fishes the local ponds casually to make a living.





In the group photo, the interns are form left to right: Jenny Greasley (CPAZ), Sanny Rahman (CTC), Nancy Cicco, Callum Fisher, Coral Simpson (InternChina), Vicky Offhand (InternChina).


在照片中的实习生,从左到右分别是:JennyGreasley (爱心会), Sanny Rahman (CTC), Nancy Cicco, Callum Fisher, Coral Simpson (InternChina), Vicky Offhand (InternChina).


The 2015 donations to underprivileged students and orphans in Pingsha, Doumen District, Zhuhai was at an incredible RMB 90,750. ComeTogether has sponsored underprivileged children around Zhuhai through CPAZ for four years. As China has one of largest gaps of inequality in education in urban to rural areas. ComeTogether is trying to narrow this gap and support low income families and disadvantaged children to exploit their potential. We have funded 138 students – with their school travel, bus to and from home and lunch fees at RMB 550 each accumulating to RMB 75,900!


2015年给珠海斗门平沙的贫困学生和孤儿捐赠的善款一共为RMB 90,750。一起来慈善音乐会一直都有通过爱心会资助珠海贫困儿童。由于中国城乡教育质量差异巨大,我们希望通过资助低收入家庭和贫困儿童,让其充分发挥自身潜能,缩小这一差距。我们共资助了138名学生,为每位学生提供550元的交通和午餐补助,共计RMB 75,900。


ComeTogether has also sponsored 99 students with love packs consisting of a backpack, globe, notepads, stationary and more to take home and use at school. Each student’s love pack was RMB 150 accumulating to RMB 14,850! The Come Together Festival was able to place a third of its hard earned funds to disadvantaged children in total a staggering RMB 90,760 was given to CPAZ making us the 2nd largest donator to CPAZ in 2015.


“一起来”同时也捐赠了99个爱心书包(包含:书包、地球仪、笔记本、文具等),每个爱心书包价格RMB 150,共计RMB 14,850。2015年,“一起来慈善音乐节”给贫困儿童捐赠的RMB 90,760约占总善款三分之一,在爱心会2015年的捐赠者中排第二位。


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