Visit to Zhuhai Autism Society Swimming Class 拜访珠海自闭症协会游泳班


On Friday 19th August, Sanny from CTC went to meet thechildren from the Zhuhai Autism Society at Da Jing Shan swimming pool. The swimming classes are one of the main classes CTC funds for children with autism. The Come Together Charity has donated 100,000 RMB this year to support the Zhuhai Autism Society for children with autism and their families.

8月19日星期五,CTC的Sanny在大镜山游泳馆和珠海自闭症协会的孩子们见面了。游泳班是CTC支助自闭症儿童的主要项目之一。在2015年一起来慈善音乐节共捐赠100,000 RMB给珠海自闭症儿童及其家人提供帮助。


Swimming has proven to enhance every muscle, sensory integration and body coordination. In combination it has boosted IQ levels and is key for children with autism. ZAS has provided 43 children from aged from 6 to 20 swimming training. ZAS has run hourly morning lessons 5 times a week since November using funds raised by Come Together.


Here six of the ZAS society were competing in a race with instructions from their coach Charles He.



The 2015 donations to children with autism in Zhuhai was an incredible RMB 100,000. ComeTogether has sponsored children with autism around Zhuhai through ZAS for three years. Awareness of Autism in China has grown in recent years fueled by parents and autism organizations. At CTC we are proud to be funding children with autism in Zhuhai. The past decade has recognized autism as a condition in need of treatment and CTC recognizes the whole family is affected; and so Mother’s Chorus was introduced to release frustrations and anxieties and bring the families closer together. ComeTogether is trying increase the awareness of Autism and help the Children grow their natural abilities through classes such as Games Therapy we also fund alongside swimming and skating.



We have donated RMB 20,000 to Mother’s Chorus classes and costumes, RMB 30,000 to Swimming lessons, RMB 30,000 to Games Therapy classes and RMB 20,000 to Skating lessons and skating shoes.

其中母亲合唱团及其服装RMB 20,000,游泳课RMB 30,000,游戏疗法RMB 30,000,滑冰课及滑冰鞋RMB 20,000

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