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CTC的使命 Mission Statement

“A community of people collectively making a difference for Zhuhai’s children” “为珠海儿童一起努力的团队”

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The founders, board members and wider members of the Come Together community have lived in Zhuhai for many years and consider it home. CTC charity organization allows them the opportunity to give back to the community, and what better way to do this than to support those who are most vulnerable in society. The main objective of CTC is to offer financial assistance to local charity organisations that support underprivileged children or children with special needs in Zhuhai, providing materials and funding programs that encourage their holistic development. As well as this, one fundamental aspect to the charity is the fact that it remains 100% transparent. This means that all money raised by CTC goes directly to the beneficiaries. By doing this, CTC hopes that it builds trust and respect by those who give their time and money in aid of helping those who need it in the local Zhuhai community.
CTC的创始人、董事会成员、及相关人员在珠海生活了多年并以珠海为家。CTC慈善机构给他们提供了回馈社会的机会,还有什么比帮助社会中最为脆弱的一群人更好的方法呢! CTC的主要目标是为当地慈善机构提供财务资助,这些慈善机构主要是帮助珠海的贫困儿童、及有特殊需要的孩子,为他们提供物质支持并赞助能促进他们全面发展的项目。除了这些,CTC最基本的要求是100%透明。CTC这样做是希望在那些为珠海有需要人群付出时间和金钱的无私奉献者间建立信任和尊重

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