Lanjing Ling (LJL) – 珠海市蓝晶灵融合教育支持中心

Lanjing Ling (LJL) - 蓝晶灵

LJL, one of CTC's partnering charities since 2017, is dedicated to supporting children with developmental disabilities, such as Autism and Down Syndrome. In the past year, LJL has been involved in organizing baking classes, and activities such as ceramics, football, basketball, and tennis.

This wide range of classes and activities aims to teach the children valuable transferable skills that many of us take for granted but are essential to leading a happy and normal life.

LJL Ceramics

LJL Baking

LJL Basketball

Sports Classes

The sports classes are a way for the children to develop and improve their spatial awareness and hand eye coordination, whilst encouraging valuable and rewarding social interactions.

LJL Football

LJL Social Classes 2017 - 2018

Social Classes

LJL social classes are held in the Zhuhai Special Education Centre. While these classes are for children on the lower functioning scale of autism, LJL hopes that children with high functioning autism will eventually be able to participate. These social classes aim to teach the children how to be independent, while at the same time allowing the parents to assist and thus giving them ideas and strategies to teach their children at home.

LJL Home Visit Project

Home Visit Project

The Parent Support/ Education class hosts a speaker to educate and assist parents/caregivers of children with autism, thus teaching them the best way to help their child whilst connecting with other parents and families in a similar situation.