CTC Raffle 的抽奖活动需要您的帮助! The CTC Raffle needs your help!

Alex Wise

The Come Together Charity Music festival 2019 will be taking place on the 7th December from 3pm at LET’S Cultural District and we welcome anyone and everyone to help us raise money for underprivileged and disadvantaged children, whilst also having fun and enjoying the music!


Every year during the event the CTC team hosts a raffle. Last year’s raffle was our biggest and most successful raising ¥20,000 with over 170 individual prizes and a combined value of over ¥60,000! This would never have been possible without the kind and generous donations from local businesses and individuals. The CTC team would again like to extend a massive THANK YOU for your support in making it our best year ever!


However, we want this year to be even bigger & better!

But we cannot do this without your help! Not only will you get that warm fuzzy feeling inside from helping those that need it the most, we will also help to promote your business as a way of saying thank you. More importantly, 100% of the money raised by the raffle will go directly to the charity, NO administration fees & NO commission! All the raffle money raised goes directly to helping those that need it the most through various programs and activities such as:


•Supporting 64 very underprivileged children in PingSha by giving them each RMB 1500 monetary support and various sports equipment and stationary!


•Supporting the Zhuhai Autism Society (ZAS) day care center program, a place for children to go after school that provides the support they desperately need!


•Supporting Lang Jing Ling (LJL) activities, such as football, basketball and baking classes, a place for children with developmental and learning difficulties to develop their social skills and have some fun in a safe and controlled environment with properly trained staff!


Anything and everything are a welcome donation to the raffle, such as:

•Gift baskets 礼品篮

•Restaurant vouchers 餐厅抵用券

•Spirits, wine & beer 烈酒、葡萄酒和啤酒

•Tea & coffee 茶和咖啡

•Spa vouchers 水疗券

•Home accessories 家用配件

•Fashion accessories 时尚配饰

•Personal electronics 小家电

•Pet care accessories 宠物护理用品

•Chocolates & candies 巧克力和糖果

•Etc… 等等

This year these businesses have already kindly donated to the raffle:


Bowers & WilkinsExperience audio excellence with Bowers & Wilkins award winning wireless speakers, hi-fi systems, home theatre speakers & more! www.bowerswilkins.com

通过Bowers&Wilkins屡获殊荣的无线扬声器,高保真音响系统,家庭影院扬声器等等,体验卓越的音频! www.bowerswilkins.com

B&W have also been kind enough to donate this years top prize…


GavMunroArt – Gav Munro is a painter from the UK who’s been based in Hangzhou for over 10 years. He paints iconic figures in a pop art style, to see more of his work please go to www.gavmunro.co.uk


Gav has been extremely kind to donate this amazing painting which is one of our top prizes!


Shogun Sports offers superior quality Strength & Conditioning Equipment. Whether you are for Cross-Fit, or weightliting equipment, Shogun Sports is here for your needs! www.shogunsports.com

提供优质的力量和调节设备。 无论您是交叉健身还是举重设备,Shogun Sports都能满足您的需求!www.shogunsports.com

SOULWe at SOUL Inventions have revolutionized the best way to keep all your devices powered up on the go! www.soulinventions.com


Tailor Culture – Empowering businesses with creative strategies!

泰乐文化 – 创意策略为商业赋能

The London LoungeZhuhai’s authentic British Pub & Restaurant!


The GardenServing our patrons with the highest quality western food since 2011!

健康园西餐厅 自2011年以来为我们的顾客提供最高品质的西餐!

Creation Wine & Restaurant


Kosmos Voted the most romantic restaurant in Zhuhai where you can indulge in a variety of fresh food with your own individual fresh hot pot soup of your choice. Restaurants in Zhuhai, Shenzhen and Foshan!

蓝波斯菊 – 被选为珠海最浪漫的餐厅,您可以选择自己喜欢的新鲜火锅汤来品尝各种新鲜食品。在珠海,深圳和佛山的都有门店!

Pho CohibaThe Best Vietnamese restaurant in JiDa & HengQin, Zhuhai!

天蓬美式越南小厨 -珠海吉大横琴最好的越南餐厅!

Juliet’s Mobile KitchenBringing freshly homemade pies, pastries & other tasty food to your door!


Katgully Winesis a family owned vineyard located in the picturesque Swan Valley Wine Region of Western Australia. The Swan Valley offers local and international wine lovers the opportunity to taste a large range of full- bodied reds, classic white wines, sparkling wines along with world recognized fortified wines. www.katgully.com.au

Katgully Wines是一家家族拥有的葡萄园,位于西澳大利亚风景如画的天鹅谷葡萄酒产区。 天鹅谷为本地和国际葡萄酒爱好者提供了品尝各种浓郁的红葡萄酒,经典白葡萄酒,起泡葡萄酒以及世界公认的强化葡萄酒的机会。www.katgully.com.au

The Irish CloverThe Irish Clover is Zhuhai’s only genuine Irish bar and restaurant. Live music, varied events, and sports each month means there is something for everyone! We are proud to be supporting this great local charity again this year! www.theirishclover.com

爱尔兰四叶草酒吧 –爱尔兰四叶草酒吧是珠海唯一一家真正的爱尔兰的餐吧。每个月都有现场音乐表演,各种活动和体育节目,每个人都可以享受!我们很荣幸今年再次支持这个伟大的地方慈善机构!www.theirishclover.com

NaNiDa SaucesThe Queen of Sauces! A variety of homemade sauces & pickles delivered to your door!


Azur – located  in trendy Mid-town and is set in a very cozy and relaxing lounge ambiance. Azur has been in Zhuhai since 2010 and offers a wide range of drinks as well as a large selection of Western & Asian meals and snacks.

中蓝海酒吧 – 位于时尚的中心区,中蓝海酒吧坐落在一个非常舒适和轻松的休息室氛围中。中蓝海酒吧自2010年以来一直在珠海,提供各种饮料以及各种西式和亚洲餐点和小吃。

Just Flower – Zhuhai’s premium florist offering bouquets and decorative flowers for every occasion!

紫有花花艺工作室 – 珠海的高档花店,随时为您提供花束和装饰花!

Ling Ling Pets – Is a premier pet care establishment offering grooming for your dog or cat whilst also providing a safe place for your pet to be looked after in a caring environment. Ling Ling Pets also has a swimming pool!

零零狗宠物 – 是一家一流的宠物护理场所,为您的狗或猫提供美容服务,同时还为在贴心环境中照顾您的宠物提供安全的地方。零零狗宠物馆还设有宠物游泳池!

The Little EveFormally based in Oxford St., The Little Eve NZ Steakhouseis now in NingXi Cultural Square run by Chef Nick & Amanda. Now joined by Lewis from the St. Regis who has brought with him his excellent cocktail skills and recipes!

小夜屋 – 这家小夜屋牛排馆的以前是坐落于牛津街,现在位于柠溪文化广场。由大厨尼克和阿曼达(Nick & Amanda)经营。现在,来自瑞吉酒店的路易斯(Lewis)加入了他们,他带来了他拿手的鸡尾酒和食谱!

MajicHome to the best steak and Majic Island Ice Tea!

迈吉克 – 这里有最好的牛排和迈吉克岛冰茶。

Los Vapos

A massive thank you to those that have already donated, but we are always looking for more! Anything and everything, big or small is gratefully welcomed!

非常感谢这些已经捐赠的人和企业,但我们一直在寻找更多! 无论大小,不论贵重,我们都不胜感激!

If you would like to donate something to the raffle, please do not hesitate to contact Alex Wise by email at alex@ctcommunity.org.

如果您也想为抽奖活动捐赠一些东西,请不要犹豫,通过电子邮件alex@ctcommunity.org或微信ID:alex0560联系Alex Wise

Thanks again!