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Previous CTC Members | CTC前成员

Jean-Jaques Verdun

Founding Member 创始成员

JJ Verdun has lived in Zhuhai since 2001. He is the founder of Delta Bridges, a PR agency based in Zhuhai and Macau. Over the years, JJ Verdun has been involved in many charity and social activities in Zhuhai. Delta Bridges has also been organizing and co-organizing many events in the Pearl River Delta and JJ Verdun is the honorary vice president of the Beishan International Music Festival.

JJ Verdun自2001年以来一直住在珠海。他是Delta Bridges的创始人,Delta Bridges是一家位于珠海和澳门的公关公司。多年来,他参加了珠海的许多慈善和社会活动。三角洲大桥也一直在珠江三角洲组织和协办许多活动,JJ Verdun是北山国际音乐节的名誉副主席。


Joseph Fry
Joe Fry

Founding Member 创始成员

Joseph Fry is originally from the UK, and until July 2014 was Chief Representative for The ODM Group, a Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management firm based in Zhuhai. He is currently a freelance Manufacturing and Supply Chain Consultant, and a shareholder in local Creative Design Company, Mindsparkz.

Joseph moved to Zhuhai in 2011, and has recently relocated to Qingdao to study Chinese, however frequents the city often to see friends and for business.

约瑟夫·弗莱弗莱(Joseph Fry)来自英国,在2014年7月之前一直担任珠海制造和供应链管理公司ODM Group的首席代表。他目前是一名自由制造和供应链顾问,也是当地创意设计公司Mindsparkz的股东。


Philippe Touzin
Philippe Touzin

Founding Member 创始成员

Philippe Touzin was responsible for the Zhuhai InternChina office from 2011 to 2014 and is currently based in Singapore as the ASEAN telecom market sales manager for a leading energy storage company.

Between the ages of 16-18 he trained as a Lifeguard and then 100% volunteered his services on the Welsh beaches. At 18 he co-organised and fully fundraised for himself and 12 youths in the UK to go for 3 months to Shangri-la, Yunnan to teach English and team building games to local village/orphanage children. At 21 he worked for a Charity street fundraising company in London. At 23, on his arrival in Zhuhai he set out with the other CTC founders to create a music fundraising event which was 100% transparent for the local charities in Zhuhai District. CT2012, CT2013 and now CT2014. During his time in Zhuhai he took part in many other volunteer programs and was given an Honorary Membership of the 110 Emergency Response unit for Zhuhai Disctrict by the P.R.C government , and was voted as a Model Foreign Citizen in China.

Even though he is no longer based in Zhuhai, he has strong ties and Love for it’s wonderful people and area, and continues to work on CTC projects by supporting the local team and fundraising.

Philippe Touzin在2011年至2014年期间负责珠海国际贸易办事处,目前在新加坡担任一家领先的能源存储公司的东盟电信市场销售经理。



Lars Bruegmann

Founding Member 创始成员

Lars Bruegmann is the Co-owner and CEO of Bruegmann Group and one of the original founders of FISC, a football club for expats. He trained as an engineer in Germany and moved from Germany to Zhuhai in 2005 and with the help of his fantastic team in China and the local people he quickly found success, both personal and in his business.

After 10 years in China Lars moved back to Germany in 2015. Although he no longer lives in China full-time he remains active in the community and misses the food desperately.

Lars is passionate about giving back to the people and city that has done so much for him will continue to do so well into the future. Photgraph is of Lars and his wife KJ.

Lars Bruegmann是Bruegmann集团的共同所有者和首席执行官,也是为外籍人士服务的足球俱乐部FISC的创始人之一。他在德国接受工程师培训,2005年,他在德国接受了工程师培训,并从德国搬到了珠海。在他出色的中国团队和当地人的帮助下,他很快就取得了个人和事业上的成功。