Come Together 2019 Event Video 第八届一起来慈善音乐会活动视频

We’re happy to announce Come Together 2019 raised a total of RMB 425,043.11 (USD 60,531.93). Our best result ever! Thank you to all involved, please watch this incredible video Alex made and share it everywhere. 我们很高兴地宣布,“2019年一起来慈善音乐会”共筹得善款人民币425,043.11元(60,531.93美元)。我们最好的成绩!感谢所有参与的人,请观看这个令人激动万分的视频,并分享给其他人。 如您无法打开以上视频,请点击下方腾讯视频链接观看。 If you are unable to watch the above video please click the Tencent video link below:

一起来慈善音乐会志愿者招募 CTC Volunteer Search

Come Together is looking for volunteers to help host their 8th charity music festival! 一起来慈善音乐会正在寻找第8届音乐会的志愿者!  Another massive THANK YOU to all of the volunteers who came together last year to host an amazing event and raise RMB 359,736.77 (USD 53,692) for charities in Zhuhai! 再次感谢所有的志愿者,他们的加入让去年的音乐会非常精彩,并为珠海的慈善机构募集了三十五万九千七百三十六元人民币(五万三千六百九十二元美金! Come Together Charity Music Festival 2019 will take place on 7th December from 3pm at […]

2019一起来慈善音乐会合作机会 CTC Collaboration Opportunities

Check out the collaboration opportunities on our eagerly awaited 8th Annual Come Together Charity Music Festival 即将来袭的2019一起来慈善音乐会究竟有哪些合作机会? Come Together is the CTC’s flagship event. The 2019 Come Together Charity Music Festival is back at LETS Livehouse, Zhuhai again and will be held on Saturday 7th Dec. We cordially invite you to particpate in this incredible […]

CTC 拜访珠海自闭症协会 Visit to ZAS

CTC Charity Visit to ZAS Day Care Centre – 24/06/19 CTC拜访珠海自闭症协会 2019/06/24 On Monday 24th June, our team went to visit the Day-Care Centre run by the Zhuhai Autism Society (ZAS) – one of our long-term partner charities. As the name would suggest, ZAS is a Zhuhai based non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting children living […]

2018一起来慈善音乐会的内部审计工作已经结束 CTC 2018 Internal Audit is Complete

We’re happy to announce that our internal audit of the CTC accounts for 2018 is now complete. Our grand total raised by the 7th Annual Come Together Charity Music Festival is RMB 359,736.77 (USD 53,692). Thank you to everyone who donated and supported in every way. We couldn’t have done this without you. 我们很高兴的宣布关于2018一起来慈善音乐会的内部审计工作已经结束。我们第7届一起来慈善音乐会最终募集到的善款是三十五万九千七百三十六元人民币(五万三千六百九十二元美金)感谢每一个以各种方式捐赠和支持的人。没有你们我们做不到如此好的成绩。 As […]

Santa and his squad: CTC Supported Gift Donations 2017 圣诞老人和他的小团队: CTC 2017年礼物捐赠

On a bright and sunny Friday morning, two sleeps until Christmas day, representatives from BossFitness and CTC, along with Santa, visited the Zhuhai Orphanage to spread a little Christmas cheer in the form of presents! 在一个阳光明媚的周五早晨,圣诞节前2天,来自BossFitness和CTC的代表和圣诞老人一起参观了珠海孤儿院,用礼物的形式传播了圣诞节的欢乐! CTC was lucky enough to receive over one hundred donated gifts from Christmas fundraisers held by BossFitness and InternChina in […]

17 August 2017: CTC & ZAS visit at Dahua school 24th July

On Monday 24th of July, CTC representative Monika visited DaHua Robot School to meet the children from the Zhuhai Autism Society. Come Together Community has donated 24,500 RMB this year to support the Zhuhai Autism Society so their members can take part in the Games project. This is the CTC’s 3rd year working with ZAS to help […]

16 August 2017: Come Together is Back!

South China’s Premier Charity Music Festival is back! Join us in Zhuhai on Saturday 18th November for a day of fun, friends, music, food, drinks and charity. 南中国首个慈善音乐节又开始了!11月18日星期六,加入我们享受音乐、美食、美酒,投身公益、结交新朋友。 Location to be announced in just a few weeks! 具体举办地点会在接下来几周内确定! In the coming weeks, we will also be looking for corporate sponsors, bands and volunteers; if you’re interested then make sure […]