17 August 2017: CTC & ZAS visit at Dahua school 24th July

Come Together

On Monday 24th of July, CTC representative Monika visited DaHua Robot School to meet the children from the Zhuhai Autism Society. Come Together Community has donated 24,500 RMB this year to support the Zhuhai Autism Society so their members can take part in the Games project. This is the CTC’s 3rd year working with ZAS to help support Autistic children from Zhuhai and surrounding areas.


ZAS’s Games project is inspired by the research conducted in 2005 by Cambridge University’s Autism Research Centre. It has been proven that therapies using Lego can be an enormous help for children with Autism. They can improve the ability to focus, observe and assemble as well as communication skills. What’s more, children are having so much fun!


It was fantastic to see all the children enjoying the games, focused and following the instructor’s commands. Because parents are assisting their children, the project also allows some quality with the parents.


17 children are taking a part in the first course which will end on 29th of July but another 18 children will be benefiting when the second course will be organized by ZAS during the coming weeks.


The first course started on 23rd of July, and will run for eight afternoon in a row from 14:30 until 16:30 each day, while the second course will take place in August/September 2017. This means that up to 35 children aged between 3 and 20 will benefit from the Games project this year, thanks to the contribution and the funds raised by Come Together in 2016.


Awareness of Autism in China has grown in recent years, fueled by parents and autism organizations. At CTC we are proud to be funding projects for children with autism in Zhuhai. The past decade has recognized autism as a condition in need of greater attention and CTC recognizes the whole family is affected.  With the help of local charities combined with the funds raised by those who sponsored and attended last year’s Come Together event, together we will endeavour to increase the awareness of Autism and help the children to grow their natural abilities through projects such as this one.