08 August 2017-Funding for Further projects Approved

Come Together

The incredible success of the 2016 Come Together Charity Music Festival, which witnessed an attendance of over 1,400 people, CTC raised RMB 335,000 to fund and get involved in some more projects with the local charities.


We are now happy to announce CTCs involvement in 5 more projects!


Zhuhai Autism Society Skating Project – RMB 24,500

珠海自闭症协会轮滑项目 — 24500元

Skating is not only a fun activity for children, but it is also good exercise, which can improve the general condition of children, their sensory integration, their ability to focus, and follow orders. The Zhuhai Autism Society Skating Project will include 40 skating lessons for 20-25 children.


Zhuhai Autism Society Games Project – RMB 12,600

珠海自闭症协会游戏项目 — 12600元

This projects involves DIY Robot which helps autistic children build the capacity to observe, assemble, and communicate The first course, open to seventeen children, started on 23/07/17, and will include 8 classes, held every day from 1:30-16:30. The second course will be scheduled in August/September 2018, and will be open to eighteen children.

游戏项目包含DIY机器人,能帮助自闭症儿童提高观察力、动手能力、及交流能力。第一个课程2017年7月23日开始,共8节课,每天上课时间为14:30 – 16:30,上课学生为17名。第二个课程预计2018年8月或者9月开始,可招收18名学生。

AIESEC Ur Not Alone project-RMB 925.50
AIESEC “伴星同行”— 925.50元

This project will consist of several activities, including volunteers accompanying autistic children at Zhuhai maternal & child health care hospital between 31/07/17 and 18/08/17. A charity sale will also take place at Zhuhai Guomao Shopping Mall will take place on 04/08/17 in order to raise money to fund education for autistic children. Youth public welfare sharing activities will also take place at Green Bamboo community between 18/07/17 & 22/07/17. Finally, a number of innovation activities about charity will be carried out on 09/08/17 at Zhuhai Huamei charity. Social promotion activities throughout the city will include public concert of autistic children & art exhibition of autistic children’s paintings.


Zhuhai Lanjingling Inclusive Education Support Centre Ceramic Art Course – RMB 36,000
珠海市蓝晶灵融合教育支持中心 陶艺课程 —36000元

Ceramic art has a therapeutic effect, and can thus help autistic children to be calm and focused. This course can help increase observing ability and creativity for younger children, while older children will be able to learn how to make flower pots, and sell them to the florists. This amazing project is composed of 40 sessions open to 30 children per class.


Zhuhai Lanjingling Inclusive Education Support Centre Ocarina Course – RMB 12,400
珠海市蓝晶灵融合教育支持中心 陶笛课程 —12400元

Ocarina is a musical instrument usually used for music therapy. The nerve of autistic children will be strongly stimulated by the sound of the ocarina, which will help them relax, and have a therapeutic effect. Because we fund not only the lecture fee, but also the instruments, each child participating in this course instruments, each child participating in this course will have their own ocarina so they can practice anytime, anywhere. This project will start on the 19th of August and will include one class per week on Saturdays for 30 weeks, Each lesson will be 90 minutes long.


For more information about the above charities please visit their websites/WeChat accounts:


珠海爱心会CPAZ: http://cpazzhuhai.weebly.com/

珠海自闭症协会ZAS: http://www.zas.org.cn/

Miranda at AIESEC WeChat ID: wxid_d6v8iud3iko421

珠海市蓝晶灵融合教育支持中心  Zhuhai Lanjingling WeChat ID: BlueCrystal_ZhuHai

There are still many more projects in the pipeline that the CTC team are working hard to make sure meet our strict requirements and confirm to our values of integrity, traceability & sustainability.同时还有更多其他的项目在筹备中。CTC 团队正在辛勤工作以确保这些项目符合我们的严格要求,并保持我们一贯的廉正性、可追溯性、及可持续性。

There will be more news and blog posts about these in the future so be sure to head back to our website www.ctcommunity.org to find out how your amazing donations have been spent.

以后在我们的官网上 www.ctcommunity.org 会有更多关于捐款去向的新闻和文章,所有请一定留心关注。