18 August 2016 – Come Together 2015 recap & where the money went in 2015

Come Together

The first half of 2016 has flown by so fast, and as we start to build up to Come Together 2016 we thought we would give you all a quick recap of the 2015 Come Together event. Thank you again to everyone who helped out in any way, donated their time or hard earned money, and finally to our incredible sponsors.

时光匆匆,2016年已过去大半年,现在我们开始筹备Come Together 2016的活动。在此,我们简要回顾一下2015年的活动。首先,感谢每一位在去年的活动中贡献过自己力量的人,感谢大家投入的宝贵时间和金钱,同时也由衷的感谢我们的供应商们。

The 2015 Come Together Charity Music Festival helped us raise the astonishing amount of RMB 300, 002.98 (USD 47,170/GBP 31,000), exceeding all our targets, and greatly benefiting our chosen charities, CPAZ (Charity Promotion Association Zhuhai) supporting underprivileged children, and ZAS (Zhuhai Autism Society).

2015年“大家一起来慈善音乐节”活动,主要是为珠海爱心会、及珠海自闭症协会筹款,用以帮助贫困儿童和自闭症儿童。此次活动,我们共筹集善款RMB 300,002.98 (USD47,170 | GBP 31,000),这大大的超出了我们预期。

The Come Together Festival has been an annual event in Zhuhai since 2011, promoting music from East Asia as well as the West, in the hope of bringing people together from different cultures and walks of life, and at the same time raise money for the above-mentioned charities. The 4th edition of Come Together Music Festival held on the 12th September 2015 in Beishan, raised a staggering amount of RMB 300,002.98 to help students experiencing financial struggles and children of ZAS.


Through ZAS, CTC mainly sponsors Mother’s Chorus, swimming classes, games therapy and skating classes.


Thanks to the success of Come Together 2015, we have donated RMB 20,000 to mother’s chorus classes, RMB 30,000 to swimming lessons, RMB 30,000 to games therapy classes , and finally RMB 20,000 to skating lessons and shoes, reaching a total of RMB 100,000 donated to ZAS to support children with autism and their families.

其中母亲合唱团及其服装RMB 20,000,游泳课RMB 30,000,游戏疗法RMB 30,000,滑冰课及滑冰鞋RMB 20,000。2015年全年共捐赠珠海自闭症协会RMB 100,000用以资助自闭症儿童及其家庭。

CTC has also been sponsoring underprivileged children around Zhuhai, in collaboration with the charity CPAZ, for the past four years. China has one of the largest gaps of inequality in education between urban and rural areas, and for this reason Come Together is committed to narrowing this gap by supporting low income families and disadvantaged children. We have in fact funded 138 students – with their school travel, bus to and from home and lunch fees at RMB 550 each, accumulating to RMB 75,900! In this past year, the Come Together Festival has enabled us to donate an incredible amount of RMB 90,750 to underprivileged students and orphans in Pingsha, Doumen District.

一起来慈善音乐会一直都有通过CPAZ资助珠海贫困儿童。由于中国城乡教育质量差异巨大,我们希望通过资助低收入家庭和贫困儿童,让其充分发挥自身潜能,缩小这一差距。我们共资助了138名学生,为每位学生提供550元的交通和午餐补助,共计RMB 75,900。2015年给珠海斗门平沙的贫困学生和孤儿捐赠的善款一共为RMB 90,750。

CTC has also sponsored 99 students with love packs consisting of a backpack, globe, notepads, stationary, and more to take home and use at school. Each student’s love pack was RMB 150, accumulating to RMB 14,850! The 2015 Come Together Festival was able to place a third of its hard earned funds to disadvantaged children through CPAZ, in total a staggering RMB 90,760, making us the second largest donor to the charity in 2015.

“一起来”同时也捐赠了99个爱心书包(包含:书包、地球仪、笔记本、文具等),每个爱心书包价格RMB 150,共计RMB 14,850。2015年,“一起来慈善音乐节”给贫困儿童捐赠的RMB 90,760约占总善款三分之一,在CPAZ 2015年的捐赠者中排第二位。

The aim of the festival is to bring people from very different backgrounds together, to unite them through culture, music, and food, and raise money for the next generation of people living in Zhuhai so that they can fully exploit their potential. The founders of CTC have lived and worked in Zhuhai for many years, and decided to found the Come Together Charity precisely for this reason: making a difference in Zhuhai and give back to the community, and the success of the 2015 Come Together Festival allowed them to do this exactly!


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