Come Together is Here! | “一起来”回来了!

Denise Schipani

The 8th edition of South China’s largest charity music festival will take place on 7th December at the wonderful LETS Livehouse, LETS Cultural District, Zhuhai from 3pm to 10pm.

第八届华南地区最大的慈善音乐会将于12月7日下午3点至10点在珠海市乐士文化区 Livehouse举行。

For the past 8 years, the annual charity music festival has been the perfect opportunity for Zhuhai locals, as well as non-locals to come together, enjoy food, drinks, music, and fun activities to let loose and raise money for a great cause. 


The growing success of Come Together is allowing us at CTC to expand our reach and benefit the lives of an ever growing number of children living with autism and in underprivileged areas of Zhuhai. Thanks to the contribution of our great organisers, sponsors, and members of the community we managed to raise 359,736,77 RMB at last year’s Come Together Festival which helped us fund some amazing charitable projects. Some of these include: 

-Supporting 64 very underprivileged children in PingSha by giving them each RMB 1500 monetary support and various sports equipment and stationary

– 支持平沙64名贫困儿童,每人1500元人民币的资金资助和各种体育器材及文具!

-Supporting the Zhuhai Autism Society (ZAS) day care center program, a place for children to go after school that provides the support they desperately need


-Supporting Liang Jing Ling (LJL) activities, such as football, basketball and baking classes, a place for children with developmental and learning difficulties to develop their social skills and have some fun in a safe and controlled environment with properly trained staff


If you’ve been looking forward to relax, dance along to some great music, whilst helping us raise money to fund an increasing number of worthy causes, this year’s music festival will not disappoint you!


Keep reading to find out more about some of the awesome bands , wide range of food and drinks options available on the day, fun activities and a special surprise that CTC has in store for you this year. 


BANDS – 乐队

Hipshot – bringing a taste of Quebec to Zhuhai |Hipshot-为珠海带来魁北克风味

Get excited for this year’s band lineup as we have a special surprise for you all! The fantastic band Hipshot will be joining us at this year’s edition of Come Together all the way from Canada, filling our Zhuhai venue with a taste of Quebec! Hipshot recently won the ENVOL Battle of the Bands contest and with it sponsorship to travel to China and play at Come Together!


THe High Rollers are back at Come Together! | 大人物又回来了!

If you joined us at last year’s Come Together, you will definitely remember the astonishing performance by The High Rollers. This group has been actively involved in our Charity Music Festival since day one and they will be back for our 8th edition for all of you super fans out there!

如果去年的聚会上您有参加音乐会,您肯定会记得The High Rollers的惊人演出。这个团队从第一天起就积极参与我们的慈善音乐会,他们将回来参加我们的第八届超级粉丝大会!

Jenny Band | 珍妮乐队

Hipshot and The High Rollers will be joined by other newcomers: the Jenny Band. This amazing group composed of five girls from Guangdong will be presenting us with a fun combination between the rock music we all love and the more innovative JPOP! Come along if you want to have a completely new music experience and delve into the world of Rock JPOP!

Hipshot和The High Rollers将与其他新人加入:珍妮乐队。由来自广东的五个女孩组成的这个令人惊叹的团队将为我们提供大家都喜欢的摇滚音乐和更具创新性的JPOP之间的有趣组合!如果您想拥有全新的音乐体验并深入研究日本流行音乐的世界,那就来吧!

The full lineup of the bands joining us at the 8th edition of the Come Together Charity Music Festival will be published on our social media accounts next week. Stay tuned to find out more about the amazing groups that will bring the LETS Livehouse to life on Saturday 7th December!

参加第八届慈善音乐会的所有乐队将于下周在我们的公众号上公布。请继续关注12月7日星期六将让乐士 Livehouse焕然一新的神奇团体!


The London Lounge |伦敦廊

Originally opened in April 2013, London Lounge offers an authentic British pub and restaurant experience, offering some of the best Western food in Zhuhai. CTC is saving a spot for London Lounge at this year’s Come Together Festival for those foreign visitors who are nostalgic for Western comfort food, and those locals wanting to venture into some of the most popular British pub classics. 


The Irish Clover

With four Irish owners, the Irish Clover is the only bar&restaurant in Zhuhai giving you a genuine Irish experience. Since opening their doors, the Irish Clover have made a conscious effort to make a difference in society, both locally and internationally. For this reason, the Irish Clover have helped CTC improve the lives of underprivileged children and orphans around Zhuhai over the past six years raising a staggering 15,305 RMB, and plan to further their commitment by taking part in this year’s Charity Music Festival. 


Creation is a family owned business serving its guests true international cuisine. In 2018, Creation was turned into Creation Wine&Restaurant which now features beautifully crafted dishes and drinks. Creation Express is proud to participate in this years charity music festival, and help raise money and awareness for the great causes that CTC is funding.


Creation Express | 可瑞心

Creation is a family owned business serving its guests true international cuisine. In 2018, Creation was turned into Creation Wine & Restaurant which now features beautifully crafted dishes and drinks. Creation Express is proud to participate in this year’s charity music festival and help raise money and awareness for the great causes that CTC is funding.


InternChina Bar 

Internchina has been working with CTC for-years, managing the Internchina Bar year after year and supporting CTC’s work every step of the way. The Internchina Bar offers a wide range of drinks, providing both regular party goers wanting to live the full festival experience and the non-drinking guests with excellent alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. 

Internchina多年来一直与CTC合作,年复一年地管理着国际酒吧,并在每一步都支持着CTC的工作。Internchina Bar提供各种饮料,为想要享受完整节日体验的常客和不喝酒的客人提供优质的含酒精和不含酒精的饮品。

Little Thai Kitchen 小城泰厨

For those of you who prefer an Asian taste to European traditional dishes, Little Thai Kitchen will be serving Thai classics throughout as one of Zhuhai’s most renowned Thai restaurants.



CTC Face Painting | CTC面部彩绘

Want to become a butterfly for a day or simply add a bit of sparkle?

 Our fabulous CTC Face Painting artists will be available throughout the day at the Game Zone for you to get into the festival spirit!



ZIS – Zhuhai International School

 ZIS has been inspiring young learners since 2007 to pursue their ambitions, while equipping them for the world beyond education. Within ZIS, Students are encouraged to develop their creative and critical thinking while uncovering their compassion and true self of identity. As strong supporters of this message, Come Together is offering you the chance to join ZIS students at this year’s charity music festival and challenge your friends in an endless collection of games. Come join ZIS in the Game Zone area to learn some new dance moves and set your best score yet! 

自2007年以来,珠海国际学校一直在激励年轻的学习者追求他们的抱负,同时使他们适应教育之外的世界。在学校内部,鼓励学生发展自己的创造力和批判性思维,同时发现自己的同情心和真实的身份认同感。作为这一信息的坚定支持者,Come Together为您提供了加入珠海国际学校学生参加今年慈善音乐节的机会,并通过无穷无尽的游戏挑战您的朋友。快来加入珠海国际学校,进入游戏专区学习一些新的舞蹈动作,并创下最佳成绩!

 LETS – Lego Wonderland | 乐士文化区-乐高乐园

LetS Kid’s Wonderland is an indoor children’s playground owned by the Zhuhai Tailor Culture Development Company, where trained professionals combine fun, and science to provide children with an enriching experience. The Game Zone will be equipped with big Lego Bricks from LETS Wonderland for the little ones to get creative, and build anything they like from a car, a cot…or a whole house perhaps! Find us in the Game Zone, and let your children build their own little wonderland. 

乐士儿童奇妙乐园是珠海裁缝文化发展公司所有的室内儿童游乐场,训练有素的专业人员在这里结合了乐趣和科学知识,为儿童提供了丰富的体验。 游戏区将配备大型乐高积木,让小孩子们发挥创造力,并用汽车,婴儿床或整栋房子建造自己喜欢的东西! 在游戏专区找到我们,让您的孩子建立自己的小乐园。


Come Together Game Zone would not be complete without our amazing clown! —Clown is back this year for our youngsters’ entertainment. 

没有我们令人惊叹的小丑,走到一起游戏区将是不完整的! ———今年小丑依然回归参加我们的青少年娱乐活动。

Come join us on Saturday 7th December 2019 at LETS Livehouse for the Music festival of the year! Join the Come Together Community in having fun and raising money for those who truly need it in out community, for we are one community.

2019年12月7日 (星期六)在乐士文化区Livehouse参加一年一度的音乐会,来加入我们吧!加入一起来社区,为在我们社区中真正需要它的人们带来乐趣并筹集资金,因为我们是一个社区。

Here’s a throwback to the best moments from last year’s edition of Come Together: