CTC拜访蓝晶灵 CTC Charity Visit to LJL

Come Together

On Sunday the 23rd of June, CTC Intern Nyaradzo, Project Coordinator Alex and one of CTC’s founding board members, Mark paid a visit to our long-term charity partner – Lanjing Ling (LJL). LJL is a local Zhuhai charity which supports children with developmental disabilities such as those living with Autism and Down Syndrome through a range of weekly activities and classes.


Happy Baking


The first class they attended was the Happy Baking course, in which this week, the children were learning to bake cupcakes. It was wonderful to see the children smiling and having fun with each other while immersing themselves in the activity. The team were especially glad to see that these classes were achieving exactly what had been intended in providing the children with transferrable skills which could potentially be useful when they eventually join the work force. And the fact that the cupcakes were super tasty was a massive bonus!


Let’s Play Together! Basketball


Next our team visited the Let’s Play Together class, which intends to build on the children’s spatial awareness and hand-eye coordination through sports such as tennis, football and basketball whilst encouraging valuable social interaction. On that day, the children were learning to play basketball. The class begun with a dribbling exercise, where the children were instructed to dribble the ball from one end of the court to the other. This was followed by a passing exercise which saw the children paired off and passing back and forth to each other. About halfway through the class, our team members were asked to join some of the older children in a little game on the court, in which the children were able to impress the team with their shooting skills.


Overall our team were extremely pleased with everything they saw at LJL. They were able to witness for themselves the benefit of these classes to the children, particularly as an opportunity for them to strengthen their social and communication skills through interaction with each other and their teachers. Both programs are fully funded by the CTC, a Zhuhai NGO.