CTC 拜访珠海自闭症协会 Visit to ZAS

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CTC Charity Visit to ZAS Day Care Centre – 24/06/19

CTC拜访珠海自闭症协会 2019/06/24

On Monday 24th June, our team went to visit the Day-Care Centre run by the Zhuhai Autism Society (ZAS) – one of our long-term partner charities. As the name would suggest, ZAS is a Zhuhai based non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting children living with autism and their families.


Day-Care Centre, which is completely funded by the CTC, is especially useful and meaningful because the centre provides pick-up for the children straight from their schools every afternoon, allowing their parents to maintain stable full-time employment.


As our team witnessed, the Day-Care Centre is a great opportunity for the children to interact with each other through games, dancing and sing-alongs; all of which are helping to improve their social skills through guided interaction in a safe environment. Prior to these fun activities, the children are also given some help with their homework. The session was led by an experienced primary school teacher and assisted by a qualified senior social worker, both parents of children living with autism and members of the ZAS. Further volunteers were around to ensure a low number of children per supervisor and maintain safety.


During this visit, CTC board member Sean positively highlighted the creative teaching ideas, the excellent use of TPR (Total Physical Response) and time-per-activity, he also commented on other strengths including the good use of zonal teaching and good student to teacher ratio of 6:1. Mark (a CTC founding board member) was particularly glad to see how some of the children’s social skills had significantly improved since the last time he visited the centre, showing the positive impact the Day-Care Center and other programs are having on the children’s lives.


On top of the day-care centre which takes place between 4pm – 7pm on weekdays, ZAS also host several weekend activities for the children, many of which are also funded by CTC. Delighted with everything we saw during the visit; CTC are now looking to further build upon and grow the work that ZAS are doing in the community.