CTC 2018 – A Year in Review 回顾2018年的CTC团体

Come Together

A community of people collectively making a difference for Zhuhai’s children


What started as a handful of expats looking to make a small difference in the city they call home, has now become a growing name in the local community. At the Come Together Community (CTC), the main objective is to offer assistance to local charities in Zhuhai that support underprivileged children or children with special needs. This is done through providing materials for educative purposes, and funding programmes that develop social and cognitive skills in children with special needs. In addition to this, CTC prides itself on being 100% transparent surrounding funding activities, and seek to gain verifiability and trust from its sponsors. All members of CTC are dedicated to making a change and improve the lives of many families in Zhuhai, and hope to continue this for many years to come.


2018 has been the biggest year yet for CTC. With ever-increasing sponsorship and funding received over the years, CTC have grown and expanded numerous projects whilst continuing to support existing ones.


The Come Together Charity Music Festival is the largest charity festival event in South China, and is the biggest fundraising event of the year for CTC. Each year, CTC hosts this event to bring people together from all cultures and walks in life to celebrate music and raise these funds for charity. Hosted in the LETS Cultural District in Zhuhai on the 17th November, the festival involved live performances, various food and beverage vendors, activities and a kids zone, making it an entertaining and successful event this year.


Many bands rallied from all over Zhuhai, Macau and Hong Kong this year to donate their time and talent to the worthy cause. The headlining acts for this year were The High Rollers from Macau, Dr Eggs and Celtics from Hong Kong, and many more local artists! A new addition to the music festival this year was the GameZone, which showcased activities such as pie throwing, large-scale painting, inflatable bean bags and face painting to keep the kids entertained all day long.

今年,珠海、澳门、香港等地的各个乐队都为这件有意义的事业奉献了自己的时间和才华。今年的主角是来自澳门的The High Rollers,来自香港的Dr Eggs和Celtics,以及更多的本地艺术家! 今年音乐节的一个新项目是儿童游乐区,它展示了各种活动,比如扔馅饼、大型绘画、充气豆袋和脸部彩绘,让孩子们可以享受一整天的乐趣。

Hopes for the 2018 Come Together Charity Music Festival were to surpass the amount of previous years fundraising efforts. An increase of determination and drive to make this possible resulted in 1519 attendees (excluding children), and raised a grand total of RMB 354,291 which is RMB 18,056 more than the highest fundraising year in 2016.


The Growth of Come Together Charity Music Festival


CTC predominately fund 3 local charities that support underprivileged children and families, and children with disabilities. These charities are called Zhuhai Autism Society (ZAS), Charity Promotion Association of Zhuhai (CPAZ), and Lanjing Ling (LJL).


Lanjing Ling (LJL)


Lanjing Ling is an organisation dedicated to helping children with low functioning autism learn and develop skills in a safe and creative environment. CTC recognizes that when a child is diagnosed with autism, it affects the entire family. LJL fund not only education, but also support the parents through classes to better manage their children’s needs at home. CTC is happy to support the LJL parent class, because it gives parents an opportunity to connect with other parents and families in the same situation as their own.


The social interaction classes teach classroom behaviour and etiquette to primary aged children, in which one of the parents said is a great experience for the children. Not only does the learning happen in the classroom, but also on the court through the ‘Let’s Play Together Programme’ and in the kitchen through ‘Happy Baking’, where the children improve their hand eye coordination, collaborative skills and have a great time whilst doing it!


Read more about our visits to LJL projects here:




Zhuhai Autism Society


Zhuhai Autism Society is another charity dedicated to caring for children diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder, involving a specialised day-care centre for children 5-18 as well as activities and games on the weekend. The classes aim to help the children finish their homework tasks, with extra help in the areas in which they struggle to complete. The activity programme that ZAS runs includes a skating class, games, and arts and crafts.


We sat down with Charles He, President of Zhuhai Autism Society, and he believes there are many challenges for his students attending regular schools due to the difficulties of social interaction that are associated with the disorder. Charles mentioned that he personally has seen changes in all of his students, where they have become more friendly and built confidence.

我们采访了珠海自闭症协会主席何先生(Charles He),他认为,由于自闭症的人对于社会交往是很困难的,他的学生在普通学校上学面临着许多挑战。Charles提到,他个人看到他所有的学生都发生了变化,他们变得更加友好,更加有自信心。

Not only is the day care centre great for the children, but many parents of the children indirectly benefit from the programme. Providing care after school hours alleviates parents of taking care of their children this time, which allows them to work full time and improve their financial situation so they can take care of the entire family without the added stress. With demand growing every year for the day care centre at ZAS, there are now around 7 to 10 students on the waiting list, in which the charity will require an increase of funding to fulfil this demand.


Read more about our visits to ZAS projects here



Charity Promotion Association of Zhuhai (CPAZ)


The Charity Promotion Association of Zhuhai is involved with providing financial aid to underprivileged members of society with such as morally and financially destitute, and young students as orphans or from single parent families that are unable to finance basic education. Through CPAZ, students from Pingsha Primary School received funding for school fees and love packs, consisting of a backpack, globe, notepads and stationary. This support allows children from low income families to have an equal start in primary education.


This year, volunteers delivered the love packs at Pingsha Primary School directly to 50 students in need. Donors and volunteers also visited many of the families, learning of the hardships they faced prior to receiving funding, and how their personal lives improved since receiving help from CTC.


Acknowledgements 感谢

From everyone at Come Together Community, we would like to extend a huge thank you to our sponsors and everyone that got involved in 2018. With your support, we can continue to fund these amazing projects in 2019 and improve the lives of many families.


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