CTC wins the 2019 China Social Impact Awards – British Chamber of Commerce and United Nations CTC赢得2019年中国社会影响奖-英国商会和联合国

Denise Schipani
Come Together

The Come Together Community (CTC) won in the MNC category for Community & Culture. This award is given to the company that demonstrates the best work towards the following 3 United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals:


·Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities

·Goal 16: Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions

·Goal 17: Partnership for the Goals




CTC won the award for its work on charitable projects in Zhuhai, South China. The CTC is a local NGO opened and run in partnership with other foreign companies and stakeholders in Zhuhai. Each year, CTC organises and brings together more than 1500 people from all backgrounds and cultures in the community, to enjoy music at South China’s largest charity music festival Come Together and raise money transparently for underprivileged children and those living with learning and developmental disabilities in the region.


Founding member of CTC Mark Clayton was in Beijing for the Gala Awards Ceremony on Thursday 7th November 2019. Mark did not expect the win considering the calibro of the other finalists and dedicate the award to the entire team and wider community saying “What an amazing achievement, people always say they’re surprised to win but I genuinely was, no speech prepared or anything. […] I could not be more proud of everyone involved with the CTC project. Wow, its incredible.” 

2019年11月7日星期四,CTC的创始成员马克·克莱顿(Mark Clayton)在北京出席了颁奖典礼。考虑到其他入围者的水准,马克并没有想到获奖,他把这个奖项献给整个团队和更广泛的社区,他说:“这是多么惊人的成就啊,人们总是说他们对获奖感到惊讶,但我真的很惊讶,没有准备任何演讲。”[…]我为参与CTC项目的每个人感到无比自豪。哇,令人难以置信的。”

This award recognises all of the hard work of CTC’s organisers. This includes members from C2W, MindSparkz, Internchina, Sean Global Education, and Bowers and Wilkins. Without your help, CTC would not have the opportunity to support those who are most vulnerable in our community, and for that we are extremely grateful.

这个奖项是对CTC组织者所有辛勤工作的认可。这包括来自C2W、MindSparkz、Internchina、Sean Global Education和Bowers and Wilkins的成员。没有你们的帮助,CTC就没有机会帮助社区中那些最脆弱的人,对此我们深表感谢。

Mark finished his acceptance speech by saying, “I stand before you a humbled man, when I look at the other finalists I didn’t think that what we do was big enough or worthy of winning this incredible award, but I guess that’s what this is all about, giving back and helping in any way we can, so we should all give back and help people, always and wherever we can.


The CTC is accepting corporate donations for this year’s 8th Annual Charity Music Festival, to be held in Zhuhai on Saturday December 7th. 100% of earnings are used to benefit the local community, and aid Children in need as none of CTC’s organisers takes any salary or admin fees. If you’re interested in donating or helping out in any way please contact info@ctcommunity.org or charity@china2west.com.