Come Together

CTC intern Ella and volunteer Jen have been to see the exciting work CTC local charity partner, Lanjing Ling, is up to at the moment. With the summer vacation well under way, Lanjing Ling are running a variety of classes every day. What a great way to spend your summer days! The children were having an amazing time learning and playing with teachers, parents and friends. It was great for Jen and Ella to see that CTC’s funding is going towards such important and positive.


现在正是暑假时期,蓝晶灵每天都有各种不同的课程。非常适合孩子们度过夏日时光!孩子们在此非常享受和老师、家长、朋友一起学习和玩耍的时光。Jen和Ella 很高兴CTC的资助起到了如此重要的积极作用。

CTC funds Lanjing Ling’s classes for children with autism and educational needs to aid their cognitive development and motor skills, and provide them with key skills for day-to-day life.

Ella and Jen met Cassie, who helps to organise the classes. She told them all about all the amazing work they’ve been up to recently, and about how much her own son enjoys the classes!


The day began with social interaction classes, where primary school aged children were learning about good classroom behaviour and etiquette, whilst reviewing some of their school work. A special education teacher was there to teach the class and make sure everyone’s needs were accounted for. One parent told Ella and Jen how thankful they were for the fun and colourful classroom they are now using, and explained how it made the experience so much better for the children.


They then travelled to another social interaction class for kindergarten aged children. This one involved a cool and colourful set of tubes at the front of the class. By each taking a cup of coloured water and pouring it down the correct coloured pipe to mix below, the children were learning about the primary colours while practicing how to take turns, volunteer for tasks and follow instructions. It looked like such a fun and interactive way to learn, Ella almost asked to have a go herself!


It’s not all in the classroom though. Next stop was a basketball class, where the children were able to use some of their boundless energy to learn some ball skills. After lunch was the baking class. The children rolled out dumpling cases and filled them. They then stocked up on freshly steamed dumplings, ready for an action-packed football class. Learning how to cook and playing sports helps the children develop key collaborative and motor skills, while also having a great time!


An amazing day for both Jen and Ella, and a great opportunity to see how much fun the children and parents were having all day. They were learning such a variety of key skills that they could carry with them into later life, all in a safe and welcoming environment. A key part of the CTC ethos is transparency. That’s why it is important to CTC that we visit the classes we fund and we welcome anyone else to do the same. Thank you so much to everyone from Lanjing Ling and everyone who supports them and CTC. Let’s make sure we can continue to fund incredible work like this!