ZAS Skating Project Visit Saturday 13th January 2018

Kim Whitwell (with Briana Mclver)
Come Together

CTC intern Kim, visited two projects on Saturday 13th January 2018. One is the Skating class, which is funded by Come Together Community and organised by Zhuhai Autism Society (ZAS). The class caters for 20-25 children each week, with three instructors on hand to help teach and guide them through the session.

2018年1月13日 周六,  CTC实习生Kim访问了两个项目。其中一个是轮滑班,该项目由CTC资助、并由珠海自闭症协会(ZAS)组织。每周有20-25个孩子参加这个班,有3个老师在场帮助和指导他们。

The children who take part in the class are involved with Zhuhai Autism Society and activities such as skating is thought to help children improve their gross and motor skills. As well as this, it brings the children and their families together, building a social network that they can interact and communicate with. The physical benefits of exercise are also noted.


Briana, who is another intern in China (on the same programme as Kim), went with Kim to visit the project. She was one of the Christmas gift donors for the gift drive last month and was keen to see some of the work that CTC funds and that ZAS does. This is what she had to say…

Briana ,另一位来中国的实习生,和Kim一起去参观了这个项目。她是上个月圣诞礼物捐赠者之一,她非常想看看CTC和珠海自闭症协会所做的一些工作。以下是她的自述:

“Today I had the opportunity to go and see one of CTC’s funded projects with the Zhuhai Autism Society. There was a group activity of rollerblading held at a park on a beautiful and sunny afternoon. It was such a heart-warming experience seeing these children excitedly enjoy what would be considered a normal activity. The way that the children lit up as they were able to skate around and learn to skate was incredible. If they fell, they were so resilient and quick to get up, not even phased by the stumble, but eager to keep skating. It was so gorgeous and truly awe inspiring.


You could feel the hard work and love as you watched the parents and instructors take care of the children and show them different skills. If you were a passer-by, you would never guess that these children were autistic at all as they appeared like they had been skating their whole lives! It is rewarding to see this kind of development and progression in society, reminding you that everyone deserves to be loved and treated equally. Small amounts of compassion go a long way and the work that these two groups do proves that.”

当你看着父母和老师照顾孩子并向他们展示不同的技能时,你可以感受到他们的辛苦和深沉的爱。如果你是一个偶然路过的人,你完全不会想到这些孩子患有自闭症,因为他们滑行时技术非常娴熟! 看到我们的社会取得这种发展和进步真的很开心,它提醒我们每个人都值得被爱和平等对待。即使是小小的同情也能产生长远的影响,这两个团队的工作证明了这一点。

The Skating class runs for 1.5 hours every Saturday afternoon and there is a combination of free/individual skating and structured class. The session starts off with the children freely skating around. The instructors go around the group helping individuals as they need it, to help them get on their feet and started for the lesson. Normally the group is split into two groups for the guided part of the session, with older children and younger children split. The older children taking part usually can’t communicate verbally very well, so they benefit with the instruction when the teachers show them with examples of how to do each activity.


The teaching part of the lesson consists of things such as how to fall, how to get up, balancing exercises, stretching exercises and jumping. The children all paid attention throughout these activities, which shows how they enjoy the project. The instructor used a whistle to indicate the time for them to move from exercise to exercise.


CTC has been working with ZAS for many years now, and the representatives always enjoy visiting their classes to see where and how the funds donated are being used, to help those within the autism and special needs community here in Zhuhai.